Born and raised in Bali, then continued studying in Jakarta. Graduated in 2010 with Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering. After had a brief job as Web Developer for one of a Indonesia biggest media company in Jakarta, I worked for a startup company in Bali – my home island. In early 2012, I built AW Bali Web. The site focused more on blogging like talking on problems in websites development and finding the solutions. I focused more on developing Magento (a CMS platform for e-commerce) such as developing themes and modules. As I also started my career as a Freelance Web Developer in Bali around that time.

Magento is not only my forte, though. As projects getting more varied, I started using Wordpress and other framework such as Codeigniter and Laravel.  I also formed a team of freelancers in Bali to handle the incoming jobs. As the programming language, we use PHP for most websites projects.

Coding and scripting are only a fraction of my interests, as I am also fascinated with User Interface, User Experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I see them as a unity, and a good website should have all of them. That’s it and it’s a must! Building a great website is always a thing to me. And that’s the reason why I love to do this job, and be happy to talk with you any ideas that you want to put on your websites.

It will be a fun process if you know the steps in this web development. And be no worry, I’ll assist you in every corners. Just remember, when you hire me, you are not only getting my “PHP skill“, “HTML5 skill“, “JavaScript skill“, “Responsive Design skill“, or whole bunch of other terms you are not even sure of , but also having a new partner who will help you meet success and purposes of your websites.

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